REDRAGON K617 RGB Mini Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description

Introducing the K617 RGB Mini Mechanical Keyboard, a powerhouse designed for gamers seeking ultimate performance. With its compact 60% layout and red switches, this keyboard offers precision and responsiveness for your gaming needs. The USB-C cable ensures a reliable wired connection, while the full rollover capability guarantees that every keystroke is registered accurately.

About item

✨ {Compact and Portable} With a 60% layout and 61 keys, this keyboard is ultra-compact, making it easy to carry around for gaming on the go.

✨ {Customisable and Responsive} The keyboard features hot-swappable red switches, allowing you to personalise your typing experience. The switches are quiet and offer a soft key travel for precise and effortless keystrokes.

✨ {Vibrant RGB Backlighting} Enjoy up to 20 preset backlighting modes and adjustable brightness, creating a visually stunning gaming environment. The keyboard itself controls the lighting effects.

✨ {Versatile Software Customisation} Take advantage of the free-define software to customise your keyboard further. Create your own unique modes and effects, and set up macros with different keybindings or shortcuts for improved productivity and gaming performance.


Connectivity technology 



60% Mechanical Keyboard


English, US

Switch Type

Keycaps & Switches
Double shot keycaps, Redragon brand switches (detachable)
Weight & Dimensions
412g, 296x106x34mm


The K617 RGB Mini Mechanical Keyboard is a powerful and portable gaming keyboard that offers customisation, responsiveness, and stunning RGB backlighting to enhance your gaming experience!


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