PBT Double-shot Keycaps

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Color: BlueViolet

Product Description

These PBT double-shot keycaps provide a higher level of durability and improved typing experience. PBT plastic resists wear and provides a smooth finish. 

About this item

✨ {PBT Double-Shot} The printed legends on double-shot keycaps are especially vibrant, sharp, and high contrast, and they are extremely long-lasting and wear-resistant.

✨ {MX Structure Switches} These keycaps work with MX structure switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Akko, and Kailh, among others. Stabilizers and large keys with unusual layouts might not be compatible.

✨ {Unique Designs} With multiple different colours to choose from to add to your setup!




MX switches

Keys Quantity - Purple grey (purple)

169 keycaps

Keys Quantity - Blue white (cblue)

169 keycaps

Keys Quantity - Green white

110 keycaps
Keys Quantity - Red black
110 keycaps
Keys Quantity - White green
189 keycaps
Keys Quantity - Cyan blue
184 keycaps
Keys Quantity - Grey Cyan
189 keycaps
Keys Quantity - White purple
184 keycaps
Keyboard Layout
QWERTY (Standard)
Keyboard Profile
XVX Profile (XDA + Cherry)
High Quality PBT Material
ANSI Layout, Backlight, PBT Keycaps, Double shot
Brand Name


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