South Facing RGB Keycaps

Sale price£29.95 GBP
Style: White - OEM

Product Description

These black keycaps feature a sleek, modern design with black downward facing keycaps. This lightweight design provides optimal comfort and responsiveness, making it the ideal choice for any type of gaming or typing. With their unique shape and aesthetic, they are sure to elevate any gaming setup.

About this item

✨ {MX Structure Switches} 

These keycaps work with MX structure switches, such as Cherry, Gateron, Akko, and Kailh, among others. Stabilizers and large keys with unusual layouts might not be compatible.

✨ {Unique Designs} 

Sleek Black design with south facing RGB lights.




MX switches

Keys Quantity

104/108 keycaps
South Facing RGB
OEM, Cherry


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